10 Hosted Tools Every Travel Blogger Should Use

Managing and building your travel blog can be hard, especially if you don’t have the right tools.I’ve put together a collection of 10 tools that every travel blogger should use to help manage and build their travel blog


Yahoo! YSlow Smush.it Smush.it is a tool by Yahoo! that uses image optimization techniques to remove unnecessary bytes from image files. The optimization of images is done without changing the image look or visual quality.

Simply out, Smush.it decreases file size to save you on space and bandwidth, plus helps increase your page load speed.

{}Yahoo! YSlow Smush.it Example

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GTmetrix GTmetrix helps you optimize the performance of your blog and does so by using Google PageSpeed and Yahoo! ySlow rules. It will let you know ways to increase your blog’s page speed. A faster blog, equals a happier visitor.

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PageSpeed Insights Even though GTmetrix includes Google’s PageSpeed Insights, I always recommend using PageSpeed Insights directly to make sure you have everything covered, plus Google’s PageSpeed Insights also includes usability considerations and recommendations.

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Yahoo! ySlow Yahoo! ySlow is Yahoo!’s rules for high performance websites. Yahoo! ySlow will offer you suggestions for improving your blog’s performance.

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Pingdom Website Speed Test Enter a URL and Pingdom Website Speed Test will tell you how fast that URL loads, it will allow you to analyze the URL speed and any bottlenecks found. Pingdom Website Speed Test will allow you to test from three (3) different locations and you should test from all locations, and test multiple times (over a period of time).

Remember, a web page should load within one (1) second ideally; one (1) to three (3) seconds being acceptable.

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Pingdom Monitoring Pingdom is an uptime and performance monitoring tool. It will tell you when your website is down and includes Real User Monitoring (RUM), which will tell you a greater overview of your visitors’ performance experience: geolocation and device performance.

{}Pingdom RUM Example

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Buffer Buffer is a hosted social media sharing tool. You can add your blog’s feed, to easily share your blog’s posts and pages. It also allows you to use various and popular URL shortener like Bitly, for free.

It is true that Buffer is more expensive than Hootsuite, however the quality and ease of the user interface of Buffer is far superior.

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BuzzSumo BuzzSumo allows you to enter a domain name and BuzzSumo it provide information of how the domain name is performing on social media website sharing.

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Trello Trello is a project management tool. It allows you to create boards and assign multiple lists for each board. Lists names can be customized to your liking. It can help you manage your posts and campaign easily.

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Google Docs Google Docs is a great way to make notes about a blog post or page. You can also have a Google Docs for your blog in general. It’s a great way to keep notes in a central location before you start writing.

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