10 Twitter Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid

Twitter is a great way for businesses to communicate with their current customers and to reach new customers. However, it’s not as easy as posting a sentence and that’s it. Here are 10 common Twitter mistakes I see businesses make:

1. Tweeting Too Little or Often

The number of times you tweet should be directly related to your audience. If we look at Warren Buffett‘s Twitter account, we can see that he has over a million followers but posts every now and then. Whereas, Kim Kardashian posts multiple times of day. It speaks to their audience and what their audience is after.

So, when a social media company says you should post X amount of times per day, I say no.

A clear way you’ll know if you are posting too little or often, is followers unfollowing you or a decrease in the rate of followers – i.e. if you had, on average, five (5) people following you per day and now it’s two (2), you might be posting too little.

2. Not using Hashtags

To reach an larger audience, make sure you include hashtags! Also, before using the hashtag, make sure you check to see if people are using that hashtag and how often. The more a hashtag is used, the more likely it can reach someone.

3. No or Poor Graphics

Images still say a thousand words and increases engagement. This doesn’t mean all your tweets have to contain a image but many recommend one (1) in four (4) tweets should contain an image.

Also, at the same time, make sure your images aren’t of poor quality and that the images speak to your audience.

Content is still king. Keep your website fresh. No one likes to see outdated content. pic.twitter.com/TFFFqPgyx3

— Outsite The Box (@OutsiteTheBox) May 30, 2015

This image looks amateurish for a business that does branding, graphic design and web design; the graphic speaks more to a kid audience.

Also make sure that you have the right to use the graphic and give credit when credit is due!

4. Tweeting at the Wrong Time

Your tweets should be posted when your audience is most active on Twitter. If you are a business for mothers, tweeting at 12 AM, probably isn’t a great idea – you’ll get very little engagement, if any at all.

It can be difficult to know the best time. You can search for blog posts about optimal times to post, test at different times of different days or check when your competition is tweeting.

5. Not Reviewing Tweeted Links

If you are going to include links in your post make sure you include the right link and if the link is to an external website, make sure you fully read that page. Nothing is worse than accidentally copying and pasting the wrong link or missing something in the link’s content you didn’t realize. It’s a guaranteed way of losing followers and being embarrassed.

6. Posting Tweets on the Wrong Day

Let’s look at the following tweet:

#funfactfridays The ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button costs Google an average of $110 million every year.

— Outsite The Box (@OutsiteTheBox) August 23, 2015

Notice anything wrong? Well, it is a “Fun Fact Friday” post that was tweeted on August 23, 2015, which was a Sunday. This is a confusing use of a hashtag and shows poor social media management.

If you are auto scheduling posts, make sure the post is tweeted on the right day.

7. Poor Spelling and Grammar

Make sure your tweet is short, easy to read and right to the point, and at the same time make sure everything is spelled right and that the grammar is correct. Nothing is more embarrassing then spelling a word wrong and nothing worse then tweeting something your audience doesn’t understand.

8. Providing No Support Options

You should always provide a help option. The customer or potential customer may not visit your website and therefore it’s critical to provide a support option. The support option can be a link in the profile description, tweet @CompanyHelp if you need help (located in the profile description) or replying to tweets seeking help.

9. Tweeting Wrong Content

Make sure the content you are tweeting is helpful and useful to your audience.

Imagine with all your mind. Believe with all your heart. Achieve with all your might. #Quoteoftheday #OutsiteTheBox pic.twitter.com/LTh9paPByP

— Outsite The Box (@OutsiteTheBox) September 20, 2015

Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit. #Quoteoftheday #OutsiteTheBox pic.twitter.com/ue1BRZCAqh

— Outsite The Box (@OutsiteTheBox) September 20, 2015

Let’s look at the above tweets. It’s a web development and social media company that tweets personal development tweets? That doesn’t speak to their audience and therefore it will not help increase leads or build an audience they need and want.

Also, why post two (2) quotes of the day, shouldn’t it be just one? Especially, if you are going to use the hashtag #Quoteoftheday, which suggests a single “Quote.”

10. Not Using Twitter Lists

Your company profile isn’t complete without lists. Lists are important for your audience to get to know the business and its culture. Take a minute to read my post about lists you can create.