3 Common HTML Mistakes for Content

All websites output HTML, it tells the Internet browser what to display. Anyone that has a website has learnt HTML or has some knowledge about it. The problem is if you don’t double check or use HTML correctly, your content could have errors.The following is a list of three (3) common HTML mistakes people make for the content of their website.

No Width or Height Defined for Images

A common mistake that people forget to do is define the width and height of images, which can lead to oversized images.

This is what the mistake looks like in terms of the HTML:

<img src="http://domain.com/img.png" alt="" />

This is what the HTML img tag should look like:

<img src="http://domain.com/img.png" alt="" width="100" height="100" />

You’ll notice that I added width="" and height="" to the img HTML tag.

Not Including http:// In Front of Links

This is extremely common. Many people forget to add the http:// or https:// in front of links and without it, when visitors click on the link, they will go to a 404 error – not found error – as the visitor will be directed to a directory of your domain.

Let’s say you want to link to Microsoft (microsoft.com), if you do not include the http://, the HTML would look like this.

<a href="http://domain.com/microsoft.com" title="" />

When it should look like this:

<a href="http://microsoft.com" title="" />

Forgetting to Close Tags

When you are coding in HTML, you’ll be using tags. Tags have an open and close. It often happens that people forget to close the tag. If you forget to close the HTML tag, all content will inherit the open HTML tag until a new HTML tag starts.

A close tag is simply a open tag but with a backlash after the < and before the name of the tag. For example, and open tag looks like:


To close the strong tag, you would do this:


Let’s look at what happens if you forget to close the HTML tag:

Today in history the new Pope was announced.

But this is what you probably meant:

Today in history the new Pope was announced.