5 Ways to End a Travel Blog Post

So, you have a travel blog and you are trying to figure out ways to end your travel blog post that will increase reader engagement, including sharing your blog post.I’ve put together five (5) ways you can end your travel blog post that will do just that, increase reader engagement and leave your reader wanting to come back.


With a question: If your blog post is an opinion or based on your thoughts, ideas or reactions, you might want to ask the reader their thoughts or what they would do.

How did you deal with…?

Have you ever…?

Did you like…?

Can you name a time when…?

Have you ever been lonely when travelling solo? How did you deal with it?

The question should leave the reader wanting to leave a comment on your blog.


With a summary: If you have a long or complex post, you might want to end the post with a summary. Keep the summary short and sweet. Avoid writing more an one paragraph. Use short sentences and make it so that each sentence hits a point that you talked about.


With an image: Let’s say you are talking about the crystal blue waters of the Bahamas. Why not end the post leaving the reader excited and wanting to experience what you did.

{}Crystal Blue Bahamas Water


With a link to a product or service: If you are writing a blog post about your experiences in Paris, France; why not help the reader by providing them with useful and helpful resource, like a link to a Paris travel guide book. Hey, it can be a link to your own guide book or a guide book sold on Amazon – where you can even make a affiliate commission.


With a link to another article: Why not provide a link to another article you’ve written or to another helpful and useful website? It’s a great way to increase pageviews for your website, build trust with your readers that you are there to truly help them with their travel and build authority.