Automatically Embed Tweets in WordPress Posts and Pages

More and more websites are integrating social media into their websites. One of the most popular social media websites is Twitter. Twitter is simple to use, privacy settings are easy to understand and it allows individuals and businesses to provide information in real time. This is why website owners regularly intergrate their tweets into their websites.This tutorial will show you how-to automatically embed tweets into your WordPress posts and pages. To give you an example of what I’m talking about; this is what your tweet will look like embedded on your post or page:

Learn how-to automatically embed tweets into your WordPress posts and pages #WordPress #blogs #websites #socialmedia

— Brandon Himpfen (@brandonhimpfen) July 17, 2014

In order to embed your tweets on a WordPress post or page, we need to first find out what the URL of the tweet is. This is very easy to find out. All we have to do is go to Twitter, find the tweet you want to embed and left click on the tweet. Two things will happen, either you will be taken to that tweet’s page or the tweet will drop down with actions and information about that tweet. If, when you click on the tweet and the tweet drops down with more information, what you will need to do is look for the link called “Details,” which should be to the right of the time the tweet was made.

Once you’ve landed on the tweet’s dedicated page, look in the web browser’s address bar. This is what you should see:


Highlight and copy that link. Once the link has been copied, go to your WordPress post or page where you want to embed the tweet and paste it in the visual editor, like this:

That’s it! Once you’ve pasted the tweet link in your post or page, you can see the tweet by previewing the post or page, or you can publish the post or page and then go to that post or page.