Change the Number of Posts Displayed On WordPress Blog Pages

By default, WordPress will show 10 posts on your latest posts page, archive pages and category pages. While this is typically fine for displaying excerpts, you may want to change the number of posts shown and this is very easy to do.Firstly, go to the WordPress login page and login. One the left sidebar menu, hover over the “Settings” menu, and select “Reading,” which should be the third option down. You should arrive at a page that looks like this:

WordPress Reading Settings

In the above image, you’ll also notice I wrapped a red circle around an option called “Blog pages show at most.” This is the setting that you want to change, in order to change how many posts are displayed per page.

As previously stated, 10 posts per page is a good number if you are display post excerpts, which is a snippet of your post. For excerpts, if you are displaying less than 10 posts, you might want to poll visitor feedback, as showing less posts may deter readers, because they are not getting enough content; new visitors may not get a sense of the quality or quantity of your work. Going over 10 posts per page, may overwhelm the visitor, so you will have to find a balance.

For full posts, I would not recommend going over five (5) posts per page, but the number of posts per page for full posts is dependant on the length of your post’s content. Also, showing full posts could potentially decrease the pageview count, as the user is reading the full post on a single page.

I hope you found this tutorial useful. As always, don’t hesitate to e-mail me with your feedback and thoughts.

Video Tutorial

Learn how-to change the number of posts displayed on WordPress blog pages through a video. If you cannot see the video below, please click here to watch it on YouTube.