Check Your Spelling and Grammar

A blog or web log is a discussion based website, similar to a diary, that is often informative and I’m a big fan of blogs and enjoy reading them.However, what drives me crazy is reading a post that has poor grammar or misspelled words. This happens more-so for personal blogs. It happens often and I believe it is caused because a personal blog is usually informal.

The problem with poor grammar and spelling mistakes is that it makes your blog look unprofessional and can cause the reader to be confused and possibly lose interest. This will have a negative effect on the traffic to your website and can lead to eliminating a segment of your targeted audience.

What do I mean by poor grammar and spelling mistakes can lead to eliminating a target audience? Well, let’s say that you are blogging about luxury travel. You are most likely targeting an audience that is college educated, over 30 years old, has a stable career and have a yearly income of over $50,000. By making spelling mistakes and using poor grammar, it can leave a negative impact on those readers. You may attract an audience that is younger and that have dreams (unable to afford that lifestyle). With this being said, that could have a negative impact on blog sponsorships, referrals and your income from advertising.

Therefore, take a second and read over your post a couple of times. It would also be great if you can have a third-party, like a family member or friend, look over your post before publishing it.

So, make sure you check your spelling and grammar!