Comments Not Replied To: Engage the Commenter

WordPress allows visitors to comment on posts and pages, if you allow it. If you have a busy blog, it can be hard to manage all the comments you receive. Akismet takes care of spam or malicious comments, but what about legitimate comments. You can accept them, but can you make sure you engage the comment author? “Comments Not Replied To” is a plugin that shows you which comments you have replied to and which comments you have not replied to. “Comments Not Replied To” is a great plugin to engage your commenters – let them know you “hear” them.Comments Not Replied To Plugin

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How-to Install

To install “Comments Not Replied To,” hover over the “Plugins” menu on the left hand side on the administration area. Click on “Add New.” Search for “Comments Not Replied To” and then click on “Install Now.” Once the plugin has been uploaded, click on “Activate Plugin.”

Once uploaded and activated, the plugin will add an extra column to your “Comments” page, entitled “Missing Reply,” which looks something like this:

WordPress Comment Reply Missing

Click on the image to get a bigger view.