Disable the Visual Editor When Writing

When you are writing a post or page in WordPress, you have two (2) editing modes: visual and text. The visual editor is like what you find in Microsoft Word. It’s a WYSIWYG-like (“What You See Is What You Get”) editor. Whereas, the text editor is simply you typing text or HTML; there is no “preview” or visual appearance to what you are typing.This is what the editor looks like before disabling the visual editor:

You can switch between these two (2) modes, however you may lose formatting. You may also be comfortable with HTML or just want to see what you are writing without any visual appeal. So, let me show you how-to disable the visual editor in WordPress.

Firstly, go to your WordPress login page and login. On the left sidebar menu, look for the “Users” link and move your mouse on it. A dropdown menu will appear. Look for and click on “Your Profile.” You should arrive on your profile page. Right at the top you will see a section called “Personal Options,” and right under it a option called “Visual Editor.” On the right side of the “Visual Editor” option, you should see a checkbox with text to the right stating “Disable the visual editor when writing.” Check the box and then scroll down to the bottom and click on the “Update Profile” button.

Now if you add a new post or page, or if you go to a post or page you’ve already created, you will still see the editor bar, however a lot of features will be missing and when you type you will not see any visual effect. The editor bar is still there so that you can highlight text to add HTML code to, just in case you don’t know HTML or if you feel more comfortable using the editor to do it for you. Also, the “Visual” tab, located on the right side on the post writing area will be removed.

The final result will look like this: