Google Publisher WordPress Plugin

Google themselves, have just released a beta version of a WordPress plugin called Google Publisher Plugin. The Google Publisher WordPress Plugin enables you to easily use Google’s products, including AdSense and Webmaster Tools, with your WordPress site. Currently, the beta version allows you to do two things: easily add AdSense ads to your site to make money from advertising and verify your site with Webmaster Tools with just one click.Google Publisher Plugin

How-to Install

To install the Google Publisher WordPress Plugin, hover over the “Plugins” menu on the left hand side on the administration area. Click on “Add New.” Search for “Google Publisher Plugin” and then click on “Install Now.” Once the plugin has been uploaded, click on “Activate Plugin.”

Alternatively, you can go to the plugin page, download and upload the plugin to your WordPress installation’s plugin directory.

Getting Started

Once the Google Publisher Plugin has been uploaded and activated, the plugin will add a link, entitled “Google Publisher Plugin,” under the “Settings” menu.

When you go to the Google Publisher Plugin settings page, you’ll see this:

Google Publisher Plugin Getting Started

Click on the “Get started,” to get started. When you do, you’ll be redirected to Google’s publisher plugin page to verify your site. Simply click on “Verify.” Once you have verified your website, Google will redirect you back to your WordPress site, where you can get started managing your ads and webmaster tools account.

Google Publisher Plugin Settings Page

You should 100% get this plugin, even though it’s currently in beta. It’s a great tool plugin!