HTTP Redirect Manager for WordPress

Managing a website made with WordPress is not easy, especially over time when things change. It’s common for a website to change over time and you shouldn’t be afraid of making website changes.A common change people hate or over look is URL changes. URL stands for “Uniform Resource Locator,” and is what people refer to as a link or web address, i.e. URLs can be deleted, moved or merged with another URL or the URL can be renamed. There is no problem in doing this, but we have to make sure that the old URL is redirected to a new URL, just in case someone is sent to the old URL. For this, in WordPress, we can use the Safe Redirect Manager plugin.

You can also use the Safe Redirect Manager plugin to manage forbidden (403) pages and not found (404) pages.

What is the Safe Redirect Manager Plugin?

Safe Redirect Manager is an HTTP redirect manager for WordPress. It comes with an easy user interface (UI), right in WordPress, which enables you to redirect an old URL to a new URL. The plugin allows you to “attach” a HTTP status code to the redirect, which tells the crawler / bot information about the page, i.e. temporary or permanent redirect, etc…

Installing the Safe Redirect Manager Plugin

You can install the Safe Redirect Manager plugin manually or through the WordPress admin panel:

Manual Installation

Go to plugin page, download the plugin and upload the plugin to your WordPress installation’s plugin directory. Go to the WordPress admin panel, log in and then go to the plugins page. Look for the plugin on the plugin page; once found, activate the plugin. You’re done.

Installing through the WordPress Admin Panel

Go to your WordPress admin page and log in. On the left hand side you’ll notice the WordPress side navigation panel. Look for “Plugins,” and hover your mouse over it. The plugins menu will then display, showing you available options. It’ll look like this:

Next, move your mouse down and click on “Add New.”

You should arrive to a page with the title of “Install Plugins,.” In the search box, search for “Safe Redirect Manager,” and then click on “Search Plugins.”

Locate the plugin in the list. The plugin name is Safe Redirect Manager and is by 10up. Click on “Install Now” to install the plugin. Once installed, click on “Activate Plugin” to activate the plugin. Congrats, you have successfully installed the plugin!

Using Safe Redirect Manager

Once you’ve installed and activated the plugin, the plugin page is located in the “Tools” menu located on the left sidebar menu.

To create a new rule, click on the “Create Redirect Rule” button at the top – right beside the plugin name heading.

When you create a new rule, you’ll be forwarded to a page that looks like this: