How-to Install Revel on Ubuntu

I’m always interested in learning new things and in this case, a new programming language called Go. The Go programming language is open source and developed by Google; which makes it easier to build simple, reliable, and efficient software.Revel is a high-productivity web framework for the Go language. I’m currently using Revel to build a app for travel bloggers, that allows them to create profiles, advertise to possible travel agencies and more.

This tutorial will show you how-to install the Go programming language and Revel, so if you wanted to create your own app, you could.

Installing the Go Programming Language

For this tutorial, I’m using Ubuntu 14.04 x64 with 512 MB of RAM from Digital Ocean.

You can easily install the Go programming language with the following command:

sudo apt-get install golang

If that doesn’t work, you can install the Go programming language through a PPA repository:

sudo apt-get update sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gophers/go sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install golang-stable

Let’s make sure the Go programming language is installed:

go version

You should get a result like:

go version go1.2.1 linux/amd64

Install Revel

Next we will install Revel.

Make a directory called gocode. You can change the directory if you wish but you will need to modify the next two (2) command lines.

mkdir ~/gocode

Now let’s set the GOPATH:

export GOPATH=~/gocode

Save the GOPATH:

echo export GOPATH=$GOPATH >> ~/.bash_profile

We will now install Git and Mercurial, as they are required for go get to clone various dependencies.


sudo apt-get install git


sudo apt-get install mercurial

Now let’s go get Revel:

go get

Next we will build the Revel command line tool, which we will need to build, run, and package Revel applications.

go get export PATH=”$PATH:$GOPATH/bin” echo ‘export PATH=”$PATH:$GOPATH/bin”‘ >> ~/.bash_profile

We should be good to go now. As always, we should test to make sure:

revel help

You will receive an output of available commands for Revel and how-to use them.

Creating Your First Revel App

Now that we have installed Go and Revel, let’s make our first app:


Note: Running the command revel help will also show you how-to create and run Revel applications.

You can create a new app like this:

revel new myapp

myapp is the named of the app and the directory in which the app would be contained.

Now that we have created the myapp app, we will need to run it so that it publicly appears.

revel run myapp

To see the myapp app running, go to: http://:9000/. Where <ip-address> is the server’s IP address.

If you want your app to run on port 80, which will not use a port number in the URL, go to your app’s conf directory and look for the app.conf file. Look for http.port=9000 and change it to http.port=80.

Here is what it looks like (uses the Revel skeleton app code):

Revel App Example