Optimize the WordPress Database with One Click

The more you use your WordPress site, the larger the database will become. Therefore, there is a need to clean and optimize the WordPress database. You can easily do this with the WP-Optimize plugin. I use it and give it five (5) out of five (5) stars.WP-Optimize

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Here are the current list of features, designed to cleanup un-needed data and options and to optimize the WordPress database:

  • Automatic optimization every week, bi-week or month;
  • Settings selection for what to be optimize and clean automatically;
  • Ability to preserve last X number of week’s data. Sometimes you might need to use recent post revisions but you might not need to use revisions before X number of weeks;
  • Remove the existing WordPress post revisions;
  • Remove all the comments in the spam queue;
  • Remove all the un-approved comments;
  • Remove all junk transient options from options table;
  • Remove tracksbacks and pingbacks (if you really need them);
  • Remove items in trash, both for comments and posts;
  • Apply MySQL optimize commands on your database tables without phpMyAdmin; and
  • Display Database table statistics.

WP-Optimize Table

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You have complete control of which options you want removed, so don’t worry about options being removed without your knowledge. This is an essential WordPress plugin and I recommend you to install and activate it, if you haven’t already.

How-to Install

To install “WP-Optimize,” hover over the “Plugins” menu on the left hand side on the administration area. Click on “Add New.” Search for “WP-Optimize” and then click on “Install Now.” Once the plugin has been uploaded, click on “Activate Plugin.”

Click on the image to get a bigger view.