How-to Schedule Your Post in WordPress

WordPress has a lot of useful features that a lot of people don’t know exists or don’t know how-to use them. One of these features is the ability to schedule your post in the future.

Why This Feature Exists

Now you are thinking about why this might be useful. There are three (3) situations when you might find this useful: a) you would be away from a computer for an extended amount of time, i.e. vacation; b) have consistency in when your posts are published; and c) to target peak times when visitors visit your website.

How-to Schedule Your Post in WordPress

Scheduling to publish your post in the future is easy and where to do this you’ve come across if you have already published a post.

Fistly, go to the login page and login. Once you’ve logged in to your administration panel, look on the left side menu for “Posts.” Posts will most likely be the second option. Hover over “Posts” and a drop down menu should appear. Click on “Add New.” That’s right, the schedule your post feature is located in the add new post page. If you haven’t published a post before, you should arrive to a page that looks like this:

On the right side of this page, you’ll see a panel (box) that is entitled “Publish.” This panel gives you several options, one of which is called Publish.

For this option, click on “Edit.” A option box will appear below it, giving you the option to change the date and time. To schedule your post, you should pick a future date. If you pick a previous date, the post will not be scheduled, instead it will be published right away and the date of that post will be the previous date you picked, so make sure you pick a date and time in the future to schedule your post. Once you’ve picked a future date, press “Ok.”

Today is April 15, 2014. If I wanted to publish the post tomorrow at 6:00 AM, the option box would look like this:

The time component of this, uses the 24 hour time, i.e. 6:00 AM is 06:00, whereas 6:00 PM is 18:00.

If you follow these steps, you would be able to schedule your posts in WordPress.