Using Ghost For Your Travel Blog

Ghost is an open source publishing platform that is beautifully designed, easy to use, and free for everyone. Ghost is a platform dedicated to one thing: publishing. It allows you to focus on writing and sharing your travel stories to the world.


Ghost is free and is built on Node.js and requires version 0.10.x (latest stable version).

The Ghost Foundation (the company that develops Ghost), provide a hosted platform you can use called Ghost(Pro), which starts at $10 per month.

You can also use Digital Ocean, which provides simple cloud hosting that allows you to install Ghost with one click.

You can of course use any hosting provider you want, as long as they support Node.js. Your hosting provider must also support SQLite, MySQL or PostgreSQL database.


Ghost focuses on just being a blog platform and includes features that allows you to write faster and more.

Ghost’s distraction free writing interface, allows you to see more of your post when writing, and allows you to make notes in your post and save rough drafts of your post before publishing.

{}Ghost Editor

Creating themes is simple. Ghost uses handlebars, which looks like regular HTML but is very powerful for templating.

Example – in WordPress, you’d use the following to display the title of your blog:

<?php bloginfo( 'name' ); ?>

In Ghost, it’s simply:


Key blog features such as navigation, tags, backups and user management is done beautifully and simply in Ghost. You can also still have pages, as well as posts in Ghost, just like WordPress.

In my opinion themes are done better in Ghost than WordPress. The quality of Ghost themes are superior and allows your content to be displayed beautifully.

Plus Ghost has some built-in search engine optimization (SEO) features: meta tags, sitemap generation, robots.txt generation, title rewrite, description rewrite, search engine result preview, canonical URLs, and JSON+LD schema. No need for a third-party plugin! You can further optimize your blog for search engines quickly and easily using Ghost’s templating.

Ghost doesn’t come with comments, but you can easily add the ability to allow your visitors to post comments using a platform like Disqus.


If you want your travel blog to focus on your writing, than I highly recommend Ghost. Ghost contains all the necessary features for your travel blog to shine and grow.

Did I mention that this website is built on Ghost? Well, it is!

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